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List Of Top Bottle Cleaning Brushes


Using a standard dish brush, sponge, or cloth can make cleaning every crevice in your baby’s bottle nearly impossible. One good bottle brush away is the answer to your problem. These brushes are a real help in keeping bacteria at bay and can restore shape to any bottle.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite brushes that will have your bottles sparkling in no time.

There are numerous water bottle cleaning brushes on the market, including silicone, bristled, and multi-tool versions. We evaluated the size, material, cleaning capabilities, and dishwasher compatibility of the best water bottle cleaning brushes for hours.

Oxo Tot Bottle Brush with Stand

This brush has all of the essential characteristics of a bottle brush. The brush head has two different types of bristles to suit your needs, whether you want a gentle scrub or something to remove film layers. Additionally, like all good bottle brushes, it has a flexible neck.

Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush

This brush is softer but will still scrub away dirt without scratching your bottles. It has a rubberized grip on the end, so it won’t slip out of your hands while you’re frantically scrubbing. 

Its ergonomic design and non-slip grip handle make it comfortable to hold during prolonged washing sessions. The brush’s wide fibers can get to the inward edges of jugs, which can be challenging to reach, giving you an all-the-more thoroughly cleaned bottle.

The nipple brush that comes with it can be stored in the handle for easier storage. The fact that the soft nipple brush won’t sever nipples as some brushes do might be a plus for you.


Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

This handy brush works with bottles with standard and wide necks. It has bristles and a sponge, making it easier to get into all the tiny spaces that a standard brush can’t. But because the sponge isn’t meant to be used for a long time, you might want to change it every month or two.

This brush also comes with a neat little storage clip and stands on its own. For nipple cleaning, there are fixed chevron channels at the unit’s base. Additionally, the handle is non-slip, making it easier to use in soapy water.

The Philips Avent Bottle Brush

It has a curved brush head, making it ideal for cleaning baby bottles’ curved sections. The handle, a piece of the brush, has a connected, shaped way to clean areolas.

The brushes are soft enough not to scratch bottles, nipples, or other feeding equipment while still being strong enough to withstand repeated cleanings.

This brush is dishwasher-safe and free of BPA. It can also be hung in the cabinet under your kitchen sink to dry quickly and not take up too much space.

Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush

This brush can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher and can stand upright, keeping it free of germs. The manufacturer recommends changing the brush every month or every month and a half. The brush’s tip has a helpful sponge.

The nylon bristles are gentle and free of marks and can be used on both glass and plastic baby bottles. It comes with a smaller nipple brush that is stored inside the handle end of the larger brush, like many other brush models. Additionally, the non-stick handle is a nice touch.

Nuk Bottle & Teat Brush

This bottle brush from Nuk shows that a lot of work went into its design. Containing bristles that, without scratching, can remove extremely crusty bits and filmy residues.

In addition to bottle cleaning, these simple brushes can also be used to clean bottle nipples.


The brushes effectively remove dirt, grime, and stubborn residue thanks to their nylon bristles and comfortable, non-slip handles.


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