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Knowing which makeup brushes and how to use them can be extremely confusing and overwhelming. With the complete list of makeup brushes and their applications, I will assist you in clearing up all of this confusion today. It's crazy how many options and price ranges there are! Even if you're an expert, like I am, the choices can be overwhelming, especially if you're just a regular person trying to figure everything out.

Let's take a look at it, shall we? First, a comprehensive list of the various makeup brushes and their applications will be provided. This chart was created so you can know what you are looking at when entering a store. Remember that there are many different versions of the same brush, and you may not use all of them! There are, for instance, angled blush brushes, small blush brushes, tapered blush brushes, and so on. Only one blush brush is required! It is true for many other kinds of brushes as well; however, the following is a breakdown of some common types of brushes and their applications.


Usually made of synthetic fibres and shaped like a paintbrush, this brush is slightly denser and has firm bristles. Cream eye shadow and concealer are both applied with this kind of brush.


You want a brown brush with dense, firm bristles similar to the concealer brush. This brush can be used to apply gel eyeliner as well as to define and fill in brows. Typically, this brush is not very expensive.


This is my favorite brush for applying eyeshadow in the crease. I refer to it as the “windshield wiper brush.” This is a great brush for beginners and also a great brush for blending out shadow, hence the name “blending brush.” In general, the application will be softer and more blended the larger the tip.


This version of the crease brush, also known as the blending brush, is angled rather than round. Although they both perform the same function, I personally prefer the round version. Simply a matter of preference. If you are unsure of the color of your crease, using this brush can make placement simpler and a little more precise.


This brush is essential for creating a soft, smokey shadow look and for applying eyeliner and eyeshadow to the base of your lashes. Compared to pencils, it gives a look that is much softer and more flattering. This small brush has a tip that looks like a pencil.


In my opinion, this brush is one of the few brushes you actually NEED for applying good eye makeup. When applying eyeshadow, this brush is essential for creating a smooth foundation. You want a brush with slightly thicker bristles and dense, firm bristles. Natural bristles are my preference for the best application.


The compact is ideal for declumping mascara after application and taming brows. I like having a few of these around because they are relatively inexpensive. Additionally, they typically end up on the other end of your brow pencil.


The all-time favorite flat eyeliner brush for a flawless application that lasts all day. If you’ve been using a pencil, my method, which I share on Instagram, is simple and will change your life.


With this comprehensive list of makeup brushes and their applications, you might wonder which ones you require. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d like to go into more detail below. I’m going to show you the only brushes you need for a complete makeup application. It’s not as many as you might expect. If you’re just starting out, you really only need three to four brushes: a flat eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, an eyeliner brush, and a blush/powder bronzer brush.


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