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The kitchen is one of the most important places in a house where people cook their food daily. As food is necessary for us, it is essential to have a suitable kitchen where an individual can cook easily.

Making Your Life Easy

Kitchens provide us with a space where we are able to cook our favourite dishes, providing nutrition to our family. What’s better than a medium rare steak on a random Tuesday? Cooking steam may sound like an easy task; however, it sure does include a number of things, skills, time, and, most importantly, some very essential kitchen accessories.

First of all, one needs a sharp knife; carving out your favourite piece of steak from the big chunk of meat can be challenging, removing the fat and shaping the steak to a pleasing one and a half inches thick. Once you’re done with carving out your steak, then it comes time for the seasoning. Salt, pepper, oregano, and whatnot, one always requires bottles to carry these items, hence using them wisely and abstaining from overusing them.

Once the seasoning is done, we now proceed towards the use of a non-stick fry pan to give our steak a beautiful seer. Slightly oiling your pan and tilting it clockwise in order to cover it with oil, fire up your stove and let it heat up for a few minutes on medium heat.

Sizzles And Splashes

As the non-stick pan heats up, one should always use a thermometer to check the temperature if it’s at a specific temperature. Pick up your steak and slowly slide it onto your non-stick pan, and seer the piece of meat for three minutes per side. Once both sides are done, slightly crush some garlic using your crusher, and toss it in on the pan to disintegrate. After a few minutes, chop some thyme and rosemary, sprinkle it over your steak, and throw in a small cube-sized butter. Braise your steak, and let it get all the flavour. Cook it for a few more minutes, and then take it out and let it rest. Resting your steak is really important as it enhances the flavour.

Toss in some cream in your pan, along with some onion and garlic powder, and let it cook for a while on low heat. Keep stirring your gravy until it becomes thicker; add some carrots, asparagus, and green onions until they get soft. As the steak has rested and the dressing is ready, put your steak in the non-stick pan, and cover it. Take your steak and sauce out of the pan and place it on a plate, sprinkle some chives, cilantro and oregano for much more enhanced flavour, and voila, you taste the best steak you have ever tried.

The Broomy

At The Broomy, we provide our customers with all your kitchen essentials and accessories to cook your favourite meals perfectly. Please browse through our catalogue and find all kinds of kitchen accessories one requires to make their life better.

The Broomy, making everyday cooking more manageable.

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